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Zen Music

Therapeutic Music  © 

The Music of the Future
Quantum Music 5D
   High Vibration  

  5 Progressive music series
for Health, Balance, Stress and Spiritual awakening

16 DC
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Listen to and Fell

Mandala Series
Lotus Series
Hibiscus Series
Songs of the Divine Mother, channeled-
Call to Humanity for revival
Lys Series
Univers Series

Wake up and Write me

Music at the Service of Health
In the same way that fire gives meaning to the wood that burns and the sun to life, the energies give one to your body. That's why every Maev album has a meaning, a reason to be in order to re-harmonize within you those energies without which we could not live.

A therapeutic music not like the others...



Tested, by Doctors, and Professionals...

                  of quality,

                             provide real results to people conscious of their health...


Musical language tool

Music of comfort and control of        emotions...

30 years of experience

Fireside Talks

in front of a cup of Tea
On reservations
Future dates:
December 18 and 27, 2022
and more to come....

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Tel : 1.819.671.0019
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Our encens
100% pure and ORGANIC
by Mickael Zayatt
Creation Maev

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