After all these years of musical creativity, observation, and research, I remain convinced that ZEN music is the surest way

to LIVE in   Harmony.

Music is the song of the SOUL

Maev Marchini, accomplished pianist and therapist, helps us to discover the unique resonance and sounds that will vibrate the body and soul. Energy Music is the result of research that began in 1985 with the aim of improving health, personal growth, meditation and many other applications. The vibratory principle of music is to destabilize the cells to enable them to restructure on a higher vibratory frenquency. The result of this repolarization ensures synergy and optimal communication between different cells. This way, the body escapes sickness and stress allowing the awakening of consciousness.

Maev explains:


My greatest pleasure is to do what others do not. Music has been one of my supports towards my creativity, like my paintings ...

Very young, I felt the effects of sounds in my body. I felt them resonate in a special way ... Which I did not understand. All I knew was that I felt at ease with my piano, during breaks, and whenever I had a free moment ...

Life has taught me that without observations it is not possible to understand what surrounds us. Intuitively I knew ... but what? It took me many years to feel comfortable with this form of writing and language, but the nicest results for me were to see the effects of my first songs on Stress.


It was magical even on me. 



All I see, know and feel cannot explained with words. So that only through the way I can see and explain with my language, that I can try and make this king of music understood :


As a child of seven, learning to play the pianoo, I marvelled at these notes that I felt vibrate throughout my body as played.

Later I was able to see colours in te notes I played, and to realise therfore the importance of sound in all living and inert things. I also learnt that by clever use of this music, it was possible to transform or foster certain exchanges between soud and matter.

25 years ago I started making observations. A year later I was joined by sound engeneers, therapists and a doctor in medecine.

What happens to matte ris in fact normal physical phenomenon. The sound’s power by its vibratory frequency and its movement in space, as well as the vibratory frequency of cells, causes electromagnetic outputs. These repetitive phenomena stimulate, dynamise and help to eliminate certain kinds of stresses. All this is visible if you have extra-sensory vision, and can be felt by those with a superior sense of touch.

A final and clinical report confirms that we are not mistaken.

Having worked on bio-energy, that is on the recharging of a body by exterior energies found in nature (cosmic, telluric), excluding any intervention by our own energies , and permitting the re-dynamisation of the other person’s energies, I have noticed important and sometimes long-lasting changes, depending on the individual concerned. With sounds, the results were visible sooner and more lasting especialy if the person co-operted posivitively. « Clouds are scattered by te wind, but they can reassemble to darken the sky ». Obviously, the more an’s throughts are darkened by lack of will and steadfastness, the longer i twill take to finish the work »

During this reseach, I witnessed visuallly and clinically the changes to the son and the often spectacular delblocking processes, which I will summarize :

  • The deep sounds act upon the back and the lower part of the body

  • The medium-pitched sounds act upon the muscles and the trunk.

  • The high-pitched sounds act upon the nerves and the heat.


         All living beings are thus part of a sphere.

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