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From one world to another

Therapeutic Music  © 
Zen Music
   The Music of the Future
Quantum Music    
5 Series of Progressive Music
For Health, Balance, Stress
and Spiritual Awakening

16 CDs
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CD de music de Maev
CD de Musique de Maev
Mandala Series
Lotus series
CD de musique de Maev
Lily Series
Songs of the Divine Mother, channeled-
Call to Humanity for Revival
CD de musique de Maev
Hibiscus Series
CD de musique de Maev
Universe Series

RÉVEILLEZ-VOUS et écrivez moi

Music at the Service of Health

Just as fire gives meaning to burning wood and the sun to life, energies give meaning to your body. This is the reason why each album of Maev's music has a meaning, a raison d'être in order to reharmonize within you these energies without which we could not live.

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A therapeutic music like no other....



Tested by Doctors and professionals...


          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   to actual results

for the health conscious....


music language tool

A music of comfort and control of emotions.....


30 years of experience

Encens et parfums de Maev

Our incense


Les Causeries au Coin du feu
Devant une tasse de thé.......
trouver des solutions

sujets gratuits : Conscience, outils de travail  et réveil...... préparation au Futur.

Sur réservation uniquement.......

Organisées par Maev

Appelez nous ou écrivez nous:
Tel: 1.819.671.0019

vidéo : cliquez dessus, et sur les notes pour le son
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